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WHERE IS HEIDENHEIM? is a public art project, commissioned and sited in Heidienheim for the town’s renown Sculpture Biennale. Connecting globally many ‘local newspapers’, the project occupies both physical public space and the public space of the media. Hosted by Heidenheim Zietung [HZ] (distribution - 30,000 readers daily), the work is intended as an exploration of the connection between a community and its own printed voice. The project was developed in response to the perceived threat to the ‘local’ newspaper fom the internet, and to make a reality of distant voices. A collaboration with Neal White.


Project Elements:

Installation in Germany.

A large 6 metre sign (pictured) was erected in Heidenheim (first at the Hiedenheim Gallery and then on the facade of newspapers office in the middle of the town), and was photographed.
In a local newspaper in Germany and Internationally.

The story of the work was then printed in a distant linked local newspaper, starting with 'The Wendover Times' in Utah and then reprinted as a whole page inside the Heidenheim Zietung, the leading local paper and our partner for the project. A limited number of original copies of the link papers containing the story were shipped and then distributed in a vending machine next to the sign in Heidenheim. Stories continued to be run in both papers over 18 months. The link papers that have taken part in the exchange with Heidenheim Zietung included; The Wendover Times of Utah - USA, Limerick Leader of Limerick - Ireland, Imphal Free Press of Manipur - India, Hibr, a youth paper based in Beirut, Lebanon, The Countryman in Tasmania, Australia and AZ, Namibia.


Heidenheim- Installation on HZ Building

Public Art and Media Commission for Bildhauser Symposium, Heidenheim, Germany. A collaboration with artist, Neal White. Nominated by Dr.Penelope Curtis.

Images of the sign and the story were included in other local papers globally. the first was in Wendover, Utah, USA

Hibr, Bierut, Lebanon

Detail from Hibr, a vibrant youth newspaper in Beirut, Lebanon.

Imphal Free Press.

Detail from Imphal Free Press, Manipur, India.

A sample of some of the papers that took part, including: Wendover Times - Utah in USA, Limerick Leader - Limerick in Ireland, Imphal Free Press - Manipur in India, Hibr - Lebanon

Heidenheim- Installation on HZ Building

Research in and around Heidenhiem

Public sign suspended on the building of the Heidenheim Zietung, Heidenheim.

Here is...

To mark the closure of the project, the letter W and the question mark were removed from the sign.

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