Nature of Truth at The Soil Assembly

Kochi Muziris Biennale 2023

I was delighted to be able to talk about and show Nature of Truth at The Soil Assembly, a recent event at the Kochi Muziris Biennale in India.

The event was curated by Meena Vari (Srishti Institute of Art and Design, Bangalore), Ewen Chardronnet ( – France), Maya Minder (Hacketeria, Switzerland) and Neal White  (CREAM, University of Westminster) at The Soil Assembly at Kochi Biennale, India.

In what proved to be an incredibly compelling and generous event, presentations, screenings and performances brought together speakers online and in person to create a sense of shared hope for a future in which there is a collective vision and belief, building new ecologies, circularities and living pedagogies.

From the website;

This international gathering of artists, designers, curators, architects, educators, activists, farmers, and hackers aimed to support  freedom of exchange and sharing of knowledge. It was an act of active dissemination of a humanistic/biodiverse/holistic approach within notions of food growing practices, more-than-human correlations in these practices and life, as well as the freedom of movement for plants, animals, humans, algae, fungi and seeds.

With this assembly, we intend to subscribe to the essential convictions that our life on this planet is symbiotically linked to its food resources and its biodiversity, from the tree tops to the deepest groundwater or ocean surface water sufficiently exposed to sunlight.

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